Wonderfully Organised Wardrobe (=WOW!)

Online makeover process for moral and practical support to shed overwhelm and gain joy from clothes

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“If you do not give it away, no event, situation or person can take your dignity away from you.         The different styles of presence reveal how we belong to ourselves.”

John O’Donohue


Your clothes, wardrobe or drawers may have been whispering to you to pay attention for a while but life is so full of impulses and busyness. It can be hard to get round to some needs and priorities.

Until now.

Readiness to organise your clothes arises at certain crucial junctures.

Perhaps you’ve moved and need to make sense of your belongings, your storage and your rhythms in the new home.

Since everything is uprooted anyway, it’s a perfect time to set things right so that your daily rituals are held, not hindered.

Perhaps you want to feel stronger and more congruent in life and you’ve noticed that what happens to your clothes can support or derail your confidence and aliveness.

Some people start that journey with a colour and style course or a good rethink of how you want to show up in the world. Either way, reorganising your wardrobe, laundry and drying systems is what anchors the process and makes the benefits last.

Or maybe you need a morale boost facing a life change and clothes seem both a simple and yet significant place to start.

Perhaps you’ve had a seasonal or a high-time urge. With spring time (or soul time) awakening or autumn leaf-shedding time, people become “ready now!” to address neglected areas of their daily rhythms.

If you listen to your heart and body, you may know the hunger for sweeping the cobwebs away, for cleaning, pruning and tidying until an aspect of your everyday life works well. With huge stimulation and information overload we live in, it makes a difference if your private life and home environment are simple and supportive or overwhelming too.

However it is you found yourself here, welcome!

Here’s essential info and support to create a wonderfully organised wardrobe. Without strangers coming into your private space but with gentle hand holding from Dorota and companionship from others going through the makeover process at the same time.



Examples of recent wardrobe transformations:



Using IKEA Billy bookshelves, with doors and additional shelves to make the best of small room with high ceilings.






This client liked the Billy bookshelves solution so much that she chose it for inside of her walk-in wardrobe. We added box inserts to create the functionality of drawers for smaller items.

(Read her testimonial)




This person had moved to furnished accommodation with beautiful wooden wardrobe that occupied a lot of space but offered limited storage.
The solution? Double the space by inserting  bench-style shelves and arranging clothes like books.



This client organised clothes after moving house, using built-in wardrobes and chest of drawers she had. The illustration shows the layout we made on paper, to make sense of the storage units and the clothes the client had. We moved post-its around until everything had a home and was located where it would be easiest to access, in relation to the rest of the house.

(Read an article about her makeover)






The WOW Online Makeover Group includes:

NEEDS ANALYSIS, to help you understand what your heart and wardrobe need and what works for you with clothes and storage.

MORAL SUPPORT and guidance for making decisions about which clothes to keep, how you need to dress and where to best store it in your space.

HAND-HOLDING for your WOW journey, from Dorota and the small group of participants so that your decluttering, organsing and outfits designing tasks go well.

TRAINING to help you find pleasing, creative solutions that suit the clothes you like, the space you’ve got and the volume of stuff you can handle.

Two month group process, with individual support and small group check-ins (£75)



The Makeover for Wonderfully Organised Wardrobe is for you if…


  • You keep getting overwhelmed around clothes (deciding what to wear, feeling good, tiding, etc.), or
  • You’d rather pay less and do it your self but you suspect you won’t be able to get through it alone, or
  • You prefer to handle your belongings yourself rather than a stranger coming to your home to do it, or
  • You’d like to have a clothes system that really meets your needs and represents your values, or
  • You know that less is more and easier to handle but you struggle to create that with clothes, or



The WOW Makeover group dates and booking…

Now enrolling for the 8 week PILOT of this program. Please join us for the one off opportunity to take part  at a low cost of £75, as long as you are willing to provide participant feedback (max 1 hour).
The WOW Pilot will run from 7 January 2019 to 3 March 2019 and will require a minimum of 2 hours a week to complete.



Emotional and practical benefits you can get from this Group Makeover:


You can become overwhelm-free and delight-full around what you wear and how you store clothes.

You can grow in compassion, dignity and inner strength (yes, clothes can help with that!).

You can liberate time and energy previously sapped by stress relating to clothes.

You can save money as you reclaim the clothes you have and buy only what you need/love.

You can top up your connection tank as you interact with other women on the WOW journey.

You can get skills for decluttering, storage, understanding your needs and making decisions.



What remains to say is this:



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