Ulrike’s story

“I was having quite an intense time when I heard about the concept of higher sensitivity.

Many things came up for me, pain but also understanding for myself and also for my son.

I was surprised how minor triggers drove me insane, things I do have coping skills for – somewhere.

I realised that most of the day I am far from centered and balanced.

After working with Dorota, I found more understanding for the moments I lost it and still lose it.

But it is rare as I allow myself to find balance during my day and this is still new and exciting for me as this was totally unknown to me from my family of origin.

If it happens that I go into a rage it has a different quality now, I feel less despair.

I know it is happening now, it will go over and it is about me and not about the person who triggered it.

The relationships in my family continue to improve and I experience much more joy!!

And I am moving on, getting in touch with parts of myself that need some healing, as if I had the peace and safety now to feel what is there.

Dorota’s newsletters are a valuable reminder for me to have respect for my “special needs” and to be proud of my ‘special abilities’, the suggestions are helpful for me and it just feels good to read it as I can relate on a deep level to your words.

I feel safe to know there is support when needed!”

Ulrike, Student of Life, China