Return to flow (1 to 1 gentlesive)

If you get overwhelmed relatively often, it’s understandable that you might…

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 16.27.02think it’s only you who’s that way?

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 16.27.02worry there’s something wrong with you?

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 16.27.02dread you won’t do justice to your life?

And yet, these are fairly common inner experiences  of people who naturally feel and care very deeply but haven’t had a chance to understand the nature of intense thoughts.

Too much intensity inside too often is hard because it can affect your relationships and your efforts.

The “Return to flow” program is here to help you transform your experience of overwhelm from that of an oppressor to an ally.


You can learn to de-escalate inside



Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 17.07.52

Are you longing for connection but find that most of your relationships are frequently too stimulating?

Maybe you yo-yo between avoiding people and feeling lonely or interacting at the price of getting overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself?

In personal life, are you struggling with a lot of stress and frustration about how people are and how you get affected by their actions?

At work, are you doing things in ways that work for others but not for you even if it depletes you, in order to avoid unbearable hassle?

If you learn how to reset your overstimulation, then: 

You’ll have a sense of hope and peace because you’ll know what to do when you feel overwhelmed/frustrated, rather than getting thwarted.

You’ll be able to connect with people and tasks in your life more easily even if you still feel overwhelmed sometimes.

You’ll understand your “inner saboteur” and will be freer to do on daily basis what is good for you and your relationships.


Who is this program for?


This program is designed for naturally more sensitive people and you may be wondering: “Am I sensitive?”

All people are sensitive in one sense of the word but there’s a spectrum of sensitivity when it comes to how your nervous system processes life, including challenges and disconnection.

About 20% of us, in all walks of life, are at the more intense end of the spectrum. It affects how you do things and what works for you.

The research on sensitivity is relatively new but it reveals a big discrepancy between what supports sensitive people to thrive and what our culture presents as “normal” or desirable ways to do things.

If you’re sensitive, you may have never experienced a well matched understanding and guidance about staying in the flow of life. This program makes up for that vital missing education.

You can apply if YOU believe you may be sensitive and the program matches your needs. I enroll on individual basis, not via any testing.


Why choose this format?


This particular program will suit those who are looking for a gentle yet deep and practical response to inner distress.

It’ll appeal to you if you’re looking for an inside out solution, i.e. to improve  your experience by choosing how YOU navigate intense moments rather than relying on a hope of avoiding them or preventing life’s ups and downs from happening.

There’s a lived, compassionate insight here. I’m a sensitive person myself and had to really work on overwhelm in my life. The mentoring I now offer is a result of searching and testing ways of returning to flow pretty much since my overwhelming childhood.

Helping people with overwhelm is my thing: a synergy of everything I’ve trained in and discovered (esp. the skills of compassionate connection). I dedicate it to the cause of making sensitive lives as beautiful as they have the potential to be.

The format will work very well for you if you’d like to figure yourself out in a relatively short, focused time. It’ll take you about 2 months in total, with one day of individual empathy and guidance.

You’ll love this work also if you value authenticity and sustainability. The strategy you go home with is based on discovering and supporting who you are (no “shoulds”) and what’s doable for your life as it is right now (no comparison to other people’s “normal”).

You should NOT  choose this program:

  • If you’re after a chiropractor style intervention where re-alignment is delivered by the practitioner and the client is the passive recipient. This program won’t work without your self-spying, co-crafting of the new way of being and showing up for your practice you’ll have designed on the day.
  • If your preferred mode of learning is in a group and live. The program will give you companionship in form of a guidebook, step by step notes, audio recordings and me for the day and during calls but you will be integrating the material largely by yourself. My approach will suit independent, more introverted temperaments more than very social ones.


What’s in the program?


Before the day:

To make the best use of the time we have in person, you’ll have a self observation pre-assignment for 2 weeks before we meet up and some initial reading to help orient you as well.

On the day:

When we meet, we’ll have exploration sessions with breaks for rest and lunch. We’ll make sense of your self-observations and consider your priorities, natural strengths and limitations. We’ll explore what most affects your flow and you’ll leave the day with a personalised, written down practice to assist you in reconnecting when you need it.

To integrate your process:

Soon after the day, we’ll have a call during which I’ll guide you through a follow-up meditation to help you keep the momentum with your practice.

After you’ve road tested your new strategy for about a month, we’ll have a final follow-up call to check in and adjust what you do if needed.

What’s included within the fee?


The fee for this program is £250  and here’s the breakdown of the tailored, patient, one-to-one care and championing that you can receive:

cabin sketch bullet point Pre-assignment to help you make the most of the in-person work

cabin sketch bullet point A day of one-to-one exploration, empathy and strategy so you return home championed and supported

cabin sketch bullet point 30 page guidebook to orient you and help in future situations

 cabin sketch bullet point A step-by-step strategy to take away, written down so it’s extra clear

cabin sketch bullet point Lunch and tea/coffee during the exploration day for creature comforts

cabin sketch bullet point Audio recordings of the in-person sessions so you can integrate and deepen your discoveries and strengthen your new way of doing things

cabin sketch bullet point An audio recording of a personalised “Follow up meditation” to guide and accompany you as you get going

cabin sketch bullet point Short phone consults to help if you have questions or wobbles

cabin sketch bullet point A follow-up session by phone/Skype to check in, support your resolve and “course correct” to include your discoveries during “road testing”.



Is this program a fit for YOU?


I really value a good fit between what you as a client need and what I can offer. Let’s see how we match.

If you’re potentially interested in this program, please answer the 5 focusing questions to bring inner clarity.

These questions should help you connect with your needs and priorities at this time. Your answers will give me a preliminary sense of what you might be needing and how your needs compare to what my program offers.

If we get to talk, it’ll be much easier for us to see whether you should do the program and if not what are better recommendations for you.

Anything else?


If you have a question I haven’t answered or a particular need relating to this program, I’d love to hear from you.

I invite you to follow this or any other resonant way you find to start experiencing overwhelm as the vital information it is rather than a vicious vibe it can seem. Sensitivity is a gift and you can experience it as such! 

Together, we can discover your way to experience overwhelm as an ally in your life. The journey starts with the five focusing questions.