I SEE YOU: a makeover to support successful sensitivity

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“Before the program, I’d just get tense about something and then tell myself that there’s something wrong with me instead of recognising that actually something is just a bit too much for me.”

Client feedback

“Your relationship to vulnerability is your superpower!”

Dorota Godby

This makeover is for people who know or suspect that they are naturally quite sensitive and who find it hard to be themselves in the overwhelming world.

If that’s you, chances are you have been exploring life deeply already and you don’t miss much of what’s going on either.

At the same time, seeing and processing things rather deeply means that often it can be hard to tell the wood for the trees in the moment.

Overwhelm can be a frequent, troublesome visitor and when swimming in THAT state, you may feel easily confused and discouraged about yourself.

And yet, who you are is beautiful and worthwhile and getting that is part of what this program supports people to experience.

Are you wanting to understand yourself better when it comes to your sensitive needs and having better options in tough moments?

Do you find that grounding is helpful but what makes you naturally free to function better is to have better understanding of your experience?


What clients have said about this journey:

“I still get overwhelmed with the children sometimes but it rarely seems out of hand. Being sensitive is now something to celebrate and I’m glad of it. It’s precious.” Read the whole story

“I feel a lot more accepting of myself and my preferences for what makes me feel comfortable.

“Thank you for helping me in this troubled world. Thank you for illustrating how I am sometimes in my mind and sometimes with the flow from the Source. Than you for understanding my sensitive nature. Thank you for giving me some tools that will help me to be more compassionate and bring peace.”

“I see there’s such a strong positive side to the way I am in the world that it’s given me hope of fulfilling my aim of contribution, as opposed to just trying to survive. I don’t have to push myself so hard to try to fit in with other people’s ways of behaving.  I now recognise that my needs are different and it’s alright to seek an environment where I can thrive.”

“I know from our discovery that writing is part of how I deal with overstimulation.

I now have a sense of inner permission to give myself that, to go for that which helps me and cares for me when in intensity. I’m not judging it as being zany anymore.”

Thank you so much for all this and for our call yesterday. It was really lovely to talk to you too and I am very grateful to you for your care, compassion, knowledge and time.

It is such a relief to have you know and understand so well how it is to be sensitive and I really value your perspective of this in relation to our place in the world and culture.

I feel much more hopeful than I did for having had your support. You have helped me to gain a better perspective of myself and to reframe things as being related to my sensitivity rather than ‘brokenness’.



Some topics we can explore in this program (as needed):

My programs are all organic in that they are based in the context of your experiences.

Together, our minds and hearts working as a team, we investigate how you relate to what is happening in your life and where/how you could access better options.

+ the gifts and challenges of living as a highly sensitive person

+ making a conscious choice how you want to relate to your inner intensity, how you want to interpret it and how you want to relate to it

+ learning how to champion your need for appropriate stimulation (vs. “too much”)

+ empathy and learning around challenging situations between sessions

+ deeper self-acceptance

+ skills for sensitive self-regulation

+ expressing sensitive needs to others

+ dealing with distress/anxiety when not functioning well

+ grieving painful and/or scary experiences of interacting with people while in overstimulation

+ expanding the base of your resources so you don’t have to ask for help from the energy of desperation and demand


Details about the “I See You” package:


The makeover includes eight one to one exploration sessions  of up to 75 min each

You get an audio recording from each session to help you integrate and learn

Email care is available between the sessions, for updates and questions

You can have short-consults between sessions if you need emergency empathy or clarity

You’ll get tailored resources to deepen your discoveries (e.g mini-assignments, personalised exercises, reading recommendations, video clips, recorded meditation)

The cost is £65 per session (= £520 in total) or £500 if paid in full up front


Human hedgehogs are tentative too but don’t delay getting championed:


Please email me if you are interested in this program but have a question or a niggle:

Or, if you like the sound of this program and would like to talk about the process and how it would support your needs, please book a Free Orientation Call by Skype.

This is a short, expectation-free conversation where we can talk about your challenges and needs relating to your sensitivity.

On temporary basis, session schedulling is by email or text. Info for both on:

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