My favourite strategies for more ease in sensitive life

If you have a sensitive system, one struggle is to find products and services that are effective and safe enough for you.

You will know that what works well enough or is most in vogue on the market is often insufficient or unhealthy a strategy for a sensitive system.

On this page, I’d like to share the strategies/rituals I’ve discovered and used over the years to meet my needs as I navigate life as a highly sensitive person in a world that largely isn’t.

Some needs can be a struggle to meet if you are sensitive, especially having enough ease, health, touch and delight.

These are my “life hacks” to inspire you to find yours. To see the list now, please scroll down.

If anything here is right for you too – copy away and/or adapt it to serve your needs.

Maybe you’ll just take the principle that makes my strategy work for me (such as that is made without known toxins or that it suits who you are rather than requiring you to fit who you are into it).

For transparency, I’d like you to know that where possible, I entered affiliate relationships with providers behind these strategies. My MAIN reason for sharing my life hacks is to help sensitive people find quality solutions which is not at all easy.

A secondary but important-to-me reason is to support the livelihoods of people whose work is bringing quality, life-serving contribution to the world. I love recommending those providers rather than those whose offerings cost the earth or the users health (in the broadest sense).

I also hope to support my own sustainability. Affiliate income could ease the never ending struggle for a sensitive person to make a living without sacrificing sanity.

The providers behind my strategies are people whose high integrity has supported me for years. Some are colleagues, some are leaders, both have informed my daily life solutions.

This list will grow over time as I find time to tell the story behind each of my “life hacks”.

Please enjoy!

After decades of not addressing the issue, I found my sensitive skin routine (Natural Elements, online)

When I need orientation around world developments or intense mood for “no reason” I consult Planet Waves (educated astrology, online)

My colour and style reading has helped me look good for next to nothing (Gilly Montgomery, UK)

Human interactions would be really hard for me without the skills of compassionate communication (a.k.a NVC; see NVC Academy online)

I’d be a woman who’s bitter about men if I hadn’t learned from Alison Armstrong (online)

I’d still be cut off from life and belonging if I hadn’t met Vicky Peirce, UK

My nervous system would still struggle with things such as packing a suitcase or foggy brain in the morning if it wasn’t for HANDLE assessment (Susie Gorringe and Bryn Regan, UK)

I’d still have frequent, debilitating migraines if it wasn’t for homeopathy (Helen Gialias, UK)

I keep my health supported with regular acupuncture (Steve Crawley, Stroud, UK)