Sian’s story

“When I first saw information about Dorota’s retreats, it was a time when I was exhausted from looking after my baby daughter, doing the PHD and dealing with my relationship issues. The prospect of being looked after for a day was very appealing.

Oh, to not have to be the one who’s doing all the looking after and physical and emotional holding. To have a day of focus on me and having MY needs met.  A day of being nurtured. Yes!

And, I got far more from the day than that.

The breakthroughs I’ve experienced

I had been feeling quite disconnected from myself and from my spiritual path and a bit serious and heavy.

What I got from the Retreat was some humour and lightness and also strength.

I remembered wisdom, some things that I had forgotten that are there. The things we know that we don’t know we know them.

Inspiration came to me about how to manage my family life I got ideas for how to do my PHD work in a way that is more authentic and more meaningful to me.

I got new perspective.

Just sitting on the bench on the hill, looking out on the vista and chatting with Dorota, gave me some clarity and a way to see things from a different vantage point.

I’ve been also connecting to the place of sovereignty in my life that we touched on during the retreat. Drawing some firmer boundaries through that quality of sovereignty. Not in a forceful way but just embodying my own power.

Since the retreat, I’ve also come off my anti-depressants.

At first, I hadn’t linked it to the Retreat Day but now I see that getting back in touch with my spirit, and my essence, the joy and remembering love allowed me to recognise that I can let go of the medication. It was really needed when I was on it and I’ve recognised that I don’t need it anymore.

I’ve had a bit of a withdrawal but now I’m through it and sleeping better. I’m really pleased about that.

What was helpful on the day

It was just lovely arriving at the place. It’s quite unusual, you can see really far out in the countryside.

We had some snacks which I always like. I’m someone who always worries about food.

Some people don’t get that at all. It’s really important to me to have safety around food.

When I saw the picture of wholesome food, I knew I’d be okay on the day. I remembered I didn’t have to worry coming to Dorota’s because she always provides really nutritious food. She understands that some people need to have regular food. I do, especially when I’m doing spiritual work.

So we had lovely snacks, without the need to feel guilty, I could just enjoy them.

We had a lovely walk and we were just chatting.

Or at least it felt like we were just chatting but later I realised that Dorota was quite carefully asking me questions and tracking what I was saying.

We walked and somehow took reading from the whole experience such as meeting a group of dogs on the way.  She helped me see symbolism in what was going on around us.

I had a chance to do some writing and we did a type of meditation at the end. It wasn’t exactly a meditation but it’s been amazing also when I’ve connected with it at home since the Retreat.

Why I really recommend the Mini Retreat

I’ve recommended this retreat to people already. I love it and want to come to two more this year.

For me, it’s such an enjoyable thing to do for a day: to have someone’s undivided attention, to be listened to and really heard.

Also, it’s quite clear that some deep things happen in the six hours.

I didn’t expect it to be quite as profound and moving as it was and things have changed for me since then.

When something works it’s really obvious to me so then I know I want to do more of that. It’s hard to convey the goodness.

It may seem indulgent to have a whole day but I love it: the nature, the time to explore, the depth and the integration time afterwards. It’s brilliant!

I was looking for some help on a spiritual level and I found it. I’m in a different place than I was because of it.”

Sian, teacher, mother and education researcher, UK