Sarah’s story

”I’d already known that I’m sensitive when I did the retreat with Dorota but I was struggling with the overwhelm side of sensitivity, when navigating stresses at home and work.

Just a person’s frustrated tone of voice would be enough to get me so affected that I didn’t see what I could possibly say to them that would work.

I’d see myself either saying nothing and getting more and more lonely in the interaction or I’d burst out saying something short that only provoked.

Before working with Dorota, I’d just get tense about something and then tell myself that there’s something wrong with me instead of recognising that actually something is just a bit too much for me.

I know from our discovery that writing is part of how I deal with overstimulation. I now have a sense of inner permission to give myself that, to go for that which helps me and cares for me when in intensity. I’m not judging it as being zany anymore.

My connection with my son has vastly improved too. 
The symbol we came up with on the day connects me with the physical mode of being. Instead of tensing up like before, it makes me feel open and straight in the body which is a really rapid thing. I can use it at any point when I feel “oh gosh!”

Now, I don’t get that lost inside anymore. I’m getting better and better at getting centred, right in the moment.

The practice I chose helps me steady very rapidly and I have a plan B to lean into if I need more support. I can enjoy my son a lot more too!”

Sarah R, horticulturist, UK