Sarah-Jane’s story

“I felt really drawn towards Dorota’s approach and thought that we could work well together.

My mind was really overactive and I was very reactive, overanalysing everything. I just wanted some peace!

It rings alarm bells in me when I can’t find any peace in my own mind.

I realised that I needed support to move forward with it. Not just support actually but learning. I needed an escape from my usual thought patterns and to get an escape I needed some new understanding.

I was longing for new deeper understanding so I could be more free to function. I felt I was completely paralysed, trapped in my own thoughts.

What was especially difficult was judgements from other mums relating to my ability to parent and  about my choices.

They were weighing really heavily on me. I was really struggling to stay within my power. I could only grasp it now and then.

I knew it was possible.

But in the moment, when I felt like I was getting judgements from other mums, I was completely frozen and unable to function. And when I had demands from my children, I just couldn’t respond to their needs.

If I’m unable to respond to my children’s needs, then it’s like living up to the judgements. I just didn’t know how to escape from that horrible cycle.

I knew that my life didn’t need to be ruled by the ideas of other people which didn’t have anything to do with me really. Still, I didn’t know how to get to that other place.

So when I started my sessions with Dorota, I wanted to be challenged and I was challenged.

It was really satisfying but the challenge didn’t exhaust me: it gave me more energy, much more energy and freedom. I felt really safe and really cared for and I had complete trust in both of us.

Life became easier!

I kept saying that I wanted to start doing things rather than thinking I couldn’t do anything.  And I’m doing lots of things now that I never would have dared to attempt before.

I was afraid they would go horribly wrong with the children around. Like making home made sun cream and deodorant and things like that which is really simple. But because I’ve never done anything like this before I was worried it would be too much.

When I’ve done it once, I can do it in five to ten minutes again even though the first time might have taken me an hour. Now I can do it any time because it’s so easy and before I would never have dared to even attempt it. And I’m doing a lot more.

I still get overwhelmed with the children sometimes but it rarely seems out of hand. Being sensitive is now something to celebrate and I’m glad of it. It’s precious.

The other day, I noticed feeling frantic, where I was running backwards and forwards not doing anything whatsoever and I just flopped on the bed. I told my husband to come and lie down. I just lied on my hubby’s chest and the feeling just disappeared, so quickly!

I have felt extreme satisfaction at the end of my  quest for successful sensitivity because I have achieved everything I hoped for!

Our time working together was a safe space to question my perspective on a regular basis and notice unhelpful patterns of thoughts I was tangled in.

It really worked for me to work on live issues regularly over a period of time. I think this repeated exposure to new angles allowed the understanding to stick at a deeper more permanent level.

Also, I really loved those, ‘oh, I get it now’ moments where I felt such a deep internal shift, the feeling of peace was immediate, exactly what I’d been longing for.

Dorota’s guidance through live issues made all my learning relevant to me and my life. It was all so incredibly supportive and 5 months later looking back I see that it was part of the foundations to my new lust for life, with the increased freedom, ease and peace of mind I now enjoy!”

Sarah-Jane, home schooling parent and artist