The Menu of Makeovers for overwhelming spaces



Which Makeover best fits your needs?


My room/house has too much stuff and is overwhelming but I’m not sure I can change my behaviours
1. Book a Free Orientation Call (prerequisite)   or
2. Book a Skype Session for help with the emotional component of the problem (to clarify your challenges and your needs)


My workspace feels heavy/draining/distracting
Learn more: Return to Flow (Workspace Makeover)




I prefer to declutter by myself but need support to make it happen
Let’s talk about your plans and how “Godby With You” can help: Book a Free Orientation Call




Gentle Power makeovers are Earth and sanity friendly:

we use mostly what you have already

we repair, re-purpose and relocate things so you can really enjoy using them

we go by what fits who you are rather than implementing “shoulds”