The Menu of Makeovers for overwhelming spaces


“Why should it matter what our environment has to say to us?
Why are we vulnerable, so inconveniently vulnerable,
to what the spaces we inhabit are saying?”

Alain De Botton


Which Makeover best fits your space?


My room/house has too much stuff and is overwhelming (e.g after a life change)
1. Book a Free Orientation Call (prerequisite)  or
2. Book a Skype Session for help with difficult emotions relating to tackling clutter


My workspace feels heavy/draining/distracting
Learn more: Return to Flow (Workspace Makeover)




I prefer to declutter by myself but need support to make it happen
Let’s talk about your plans and how “Godby With You” can help: Book a Free Orientation Call




Gentle Power makeovers are Earth and sanity friendly:

we use mostly what you have already

we repair, repurpose and reorganise things so you can enjoy using them

we go by what fits who you are rather than implementing “shoulds”