Penny’s story

”I had worked on A LOT of triggers and my response with them both with Alexander Technique and NVC. Still, there were these core patterns where I was still in blame and putting my power onto somebody else for my wellbeing.

Dorota offering this tailored process helped to really find out what’s going on for me in that moment and what I can do differently.

A big part of how she helped me is to get going, because I had my self-spying notebook but wasn’t writing anything in it.

I think that in itself was a massive step, making those observations. When it came to the day, the patterns revealed themselves when I was reading my notes out.

I recognised that I was abandoning myself.

By being so attached to somebody else’s fault, thinking that they need to stop doing what they were doing in order to find my centre or happiness, I was stressing and disempowering myself.

The work we did put me back at the helm of my own ship.

I now get, in a more visceral sense, that there is power within me to change the situation even if someone is behaving in a way that I deem to be unhelpful.

The other day there was tension in the car with my partner. Before the retreat, I’d have been busy trying to understand him, asking questions, looking to him to find release.

This time, I looked to me to make sense of it and responded from my truth rather than defending my truth. I got new insight. I knew what to do!”

Penny, Communication Trainer and Alexander Teacher