A Mini Retreat for a Big Breakthrough

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Anti-crap brolly“Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of what’s possible for them in life.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

Sometimes you need to get away from daily routines and have quality care and attention in order to see beyond where you are stuck with a problem.

The Mini-Retreat offers a gorgeous, transformative space for just that.



Example breakthroughs Gentle Power has midwifed:

From suffering when somebody isn’t responding how you’d like, to a sense of acceptance and freedom See John’s story

From self-doubt and stuckness in your business to feeling confident, eager to champion your contribution See Grace’s story

From being worried about who you are to compassion, appreciation and growing strength See Sarah’s story

From getting into tangles with people to a sense of strength from how you respond See Penny’s story

From tiredness of holding others’ needs to inner sovereignty See Sian’s story




The Mini-Retreat for a Big Breakthrough includes:

Beautiful, nature steeped space on the outskirts of Stroud, UK with creature comforts and lovely vistas.

Six hours of empathic, one to one championing to find your way beyond a persistent challenge.

A guided walk in the nearby woods and meadows. Nature and views to help you relax and think more expansively.

Wholesome, home cooked food: drinks, nibbles and lunch that fit your dietary needs (please advise).

£175 (or £150 per retreat, if you come more than once this year)



The Mini Retreat for a Big Breakthrough is for you if…


  • You have a persistent issue in your life that’s draining your energy.
  • You are naturally quite sensitive and extra beautiful and extra caring environment make a huge difference to you.
  • You thrive on contact with nature to clear your head and lift your spirits.
  • You suspect that you’ll know what you need to do if only you have some empathic companionship to consider the deeper truth of the situation and to access your inner knowing.
  • You’re seeking a way forward that will be compassionate and considerate towards the needs of everyone involved.
  • You’re ready to put aside a day to attend to this issue because you know that a win-win solution will bring long term benefit and not only for you.



Retreat dates and booking…

Weekdays and Saturdays are available, my and your diary permitting.
At the moment, I can usually offer a retreat date within one month from the time of enquiry.



Special dietary needs and requirements

The Mini-Retreat is designed to really care for the creature comforts and the soul needs of the participant so please tell me about anything that would make your stay more beneficial.

I can provide food for most “weird” diets, for example, and there is a comfortable bed, chairs, hot water bottle and blankets on hand.

Sadly, I can’t offer wheel chair access as there are steps and stairs on the property.



If you’d like to extend your Retreat to an overnight stay…

Please let me know and I will recommend a few local B&Bs to choose from.



Emotional benefits you can get from the Mini Retreat:

You can catch your breath away from where your painful thoughts are stimulated

You can reconnect with compassion, dignity and your inner strength

You can recover hope as you feel calmer and start thinking about new, better options

You can feel loved and supported from being listened to, believed in and championed

You can experience breakthrough sooner (compared to doing nothing or a series of sessions)



What remains to say is this:



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