Makeovers Midwifed by Gentle Power

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My room makeovers are environmentally friendly and economical. We mostly reduce, repurpose, repair and reogranise the belongings you have already. The transformations below used only what was in the house, with minor exceptions of recycled card boxes, wood or a lick of paint.

From an unusable spare office to a cosy craft room:


From a spare bedroom to a guest room/woman’s den (Read the article on this makeover):


Organising the home office for an eco-businessman:


Decluttering the entry hall in a bijou house (Read the story):


Creating more storage in a furnished, rented room:


Interior of a wardrobe improved with DIY shelf inserts:

Designing a clothes system for the built-in wardrobe area:


How tweaking one key feature can bring harmony to a room:


When longer term storage in limited space was too “noisy”:

Bringing calm to storage on the landing:


Help for overwhelming cupboard (nothing new was bought):


Less cluttered way of organising kitchen objects: