Madlen’s story

Why I needed decluttering

“I had just transitioned from having a job to being self-employed so my home office suddenly became much more important than it had been before.

It needed to become a real working environment.

Before, it had been the place where I put all my papers and admin stuff in no particular order. The disorder of it was annoying me in my private life as well but when it became THE working environment for me, it was critical to address it.

Whenever I sat down to work, I had to first clear some space and search for things I need to work with.

I didn’t have space for any new papers or books and I really felt uncomfortable.

I was missing my old office desk where there was enough space to operate in. I couldn’t see how I could get anything done in the space I had at home.

It was a bit of luck that I met Dorota and heard about her decluttering support.


I wasn’t sure if online help would work

To tell the truth, I was a bit skeptical how it might work to be supported online for something very practical but I was really motivated to give it a go.

Of course I’d heard that for example when somebody dies and you need to sort through their stuff, it’s much better to get help from someone  who isn’t personally involved. I expected that it would be easier to clear the space with somebody’s help but I wondered how this would work by Skype.

In the past, when I’d done some decluttering with my clothes, I found it tiring so I guessed I’d do better if someone supported me.

I needed help to plan the steps and to be accountable so I could get things done.

It worked really well!

First, we created a plan for how the space needed to be to support me in my work. We came up with a beautiful vision of clarity and ease and space and actually we achieved that!

Along the way, I needed to sort through a lot of old materials and documents and at first I was scared to let go of stuff. But Dorota supported me beautifully with that. She made it much easier to define what was still relevant.

Actually I found something from 2010 that will be useful for my business now but I wouldn’t have found it if we didn’t do the decluttering work. So that was very nice.

I was pretty successful with the actual decluttering and now I have only stuff that I like or that is useful to me. And I unearthed the value of what I’d already had.

Longer term benefits

Of course what was also very helpful for the future is that after we cleared some documents and created space, we set up a storage and filing SYSTEM. I now know exactly where to put everything.

It is not a generic system but one designed with my specific work in mind. It reflects what I need to have to hand and what can be stored further away.

Now, when something new comes in, I know what to do with it. I know where to put it and where to find it. We structured all the materials I currently need and my work has become much more efficient through that.

I’m feeling less overwhelmed by the work I do.

Looking for things and not finding them on regular basis made me feel like failure. It made me doubt that I could succeed. So wanting the home office to look like a proper business was part of my motivation for the makeover. Now I feel more professional, therefore more confident. It’s easier to start working.

Why I’d recommend online support for decluttering

Now, I’d really recommend this way of decluttering.

The advantages are that your time is your own. It’s better than someone sitting next to you and sorting things. You have privacy too.

I think it can be very helpful to have someone with you as well but by taking a little longer (with the remote support), you have more time to adjust to the changes mentally and emotionally.

I’d recommend this process to anyone who notices that their space is dragging them down.

If you have to look for things before you can use them, if your space is annoying you and you wish you could sort it out, Dorota’s help is invaluable.

It takes a bit of time to create this makeover but it will save you time and annoyance in the long run.

It’s one of those things that we tend to postpone but I think it’s so much better not to and get help.

You’re not likely to be able to create a SYSTEM on your own, even if you managed to throw some things out. Without things being organised, you’ll just revert to the old chaos.

Once you have a system, that’s what protects the space, the order and your workflow.”

Madlen, Career Coach, Austria