Loes’ story



“I asked Dorota to help me when I found myself very angry with somebody in my family.

I’m an introvert and I find it difficult to be angry, I can hardly accept the feeling because it doesn’t feel like me.

It kept me awake at night. I wanted to get rid of the anger but Dorota helped me, through her enquiry, to accept my anger and find beautiful things in it.

The anger stood for something I really cared about.

Dorota helped me accept and express myself in a way that I could recognise myself in.

What I found useful and surprising in the way Dorota helped me and trained me was that she was really mindful and thoughtful.

She didn’t judge me, she just asked questions to help me understand what all the anger was about. And, she really took her time.

She didn’t stress me or didn’t push me. It really felt good.

I now don’t feel angry anymore.

It’s a relief and I also understand that anger comes from feeling a limit, a border and that you should accept it.

So, I really feel good about you Dorota and about the way that you guided me.”

Loes, Entrepreneur, The Netherlands