Inside Out Living: a makeover for tracking your truth and your needs

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‘When you awaken in appreciation and love for your self,
springtime awakens in your heart.
When you enter your soul’s affection,
the torment ceases in your life.’
John O’Donohue


Sometimes you get so immersed in the complications of life and your interactions that you haven’t noticed the fundamental inner steadiness is not there to support you as you go.

This program is an opportunity to catch up with the culturally missing education: on  healthy, supportive relationship to yourself.

It’s an organic process of empathy, exploration and skill training to help you have a better relationship to your needs, concerns, decision making and a sense of safety/meaning in your life.

Miki Kashtan, a teacher I highly respect, says that successful relationships with others are founded on a healthy relationship with your own needs.

When you are clear about your needs and represent them calmly (and kindly), things don’t tangle up so much and you don’t take on others’ agendas just because you’re empathic.



Is this a program for you?

What if you can learn to understand what is going on in you in the face of whatever presenting challenge, and respond from feeling calmer, clearer and… valuable?

When you approach your interactions feeling steady and compassionate,  you can see  solutions that work both for you and for other people.

When you are supported and strong, everybody wins.

Do you lose yourself in concerns about other people’s needs or worry about people’s judgements of you and get very strongly affected by their behaviours?

Many people are in this position and of course those who feel and care extra deeply, the more so.

The prevailing culture teaches us all about satisfying external “shoulds” and very little about thinking for ourselves and tracking how we feel and what we need.

The INSIDE JOB is an 8 session program designed to champion your relationship with yourself and so to have more ease in key relationships in your life.



This program can support you to:

+ understand what you needed in key, painful interactions and what you most need in relation to the other person next

+ learn how to ask for what you need in a way that works for you and supports the recipient to be able to give to you

+ practise reaching out to others incl. identifying the most likely source of support

+ learn how to relate to your inner intensity and vulnerability so that you don’t have to cut off or overdemand from the other person as the only way to cope

+ learn to listen for your deepest truth so you can be clear with yourself and others (hint: it’s about what you want to connect with rather than what seems to need defending against)

+ expand your capacity to track and factor in the needs of the other party (in a way that works for you too)

+ expand the base of your resources so you don’t have to ask for help from the energy of desperation and demand  (both are counterproductive)

+ learn how to stand by YOUR way of processing life rather than judging yourself for not being able to do it like others do.



 The Inside Job package includes:

  Eight one to one exploration sessions (8 sessions, each up to 75 min)

  Audio recordings to help you integrate each session

  Email contact between the sessions, for updates and written response to questions

  Short-consults between sessions available if you need emergency empathy or clarity

  Tailored resources to deepen your discoveries (e.g mini-assignments, personalised exercises, reading recommendations, video clips, recorded meditation)



The cost and duration:

The total cost of this makeover is £520 (paid as eight installments of £65) or £500 if paid in full in advance.

I recommend approximately two weekly intervals between sessions and if that rhythm works for your circumstances, the makeover takes about 4 months to complete.



Some Inside Job transformations Gentle Power has midwifed:


From being torn by indecision (“should I stay, or should I go?”) to knowing what to do and how to access inner clarity. As needed. See E.P’s story


From anxious self-doubt about “everything” to having a way to handle intense emotions and start responding to life’s calling. See her feedback letter


From being at the mercy of inner intensity and bad tangles with others to understanding her intentions and bringing her love through


From struggling with feeling angry at a relative to understanding what the anger meant and being able to respond in an authentic and useful way See Loes’ story


From bitter battles over co-parenting to finding compassion enough inside to calmly get through to the ex-partner and get better fathering from him. See J.A’s story



Whether you can track your needs enough is about support:

Please reach out for support if you are interested in this program but have a question or a niggle:

And, if you like the sound of this program and would like to talk about the process and how it could support your needs, let’s meet and talk (by Skype or Facetime).

On temporary basis, session schedulling is by email or text. Info for both on:

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