How it works

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Gentle Power is dedicated to helping naturally more sensitive people (a.k.a HSPs or Highly Sensitive People)* to find alternatives to recurring overwhelm, whether it bugs them in their physical space or in their interactions.

I champion the unique rhythm I’ve noticed is characteristic to more sensitive folk.

First, there can be a worryingly long “incubation” period but then, given gentleness and presence, there’s more than progress: there’s a quantum leap.

My mission, through Gentle Power, is to provide:

1. Empathy and championing during the initial, seemingly longer/more intense than “normal”*period of wobbliness which enables you to get to the goodies of innate clarity and wisdom.

2. Encouragement and skill training so that the change you experience inside can take root and so you can handle similar people challenges with more ease in the future.

The missing skills we grow are in two areas:

a) how to de-escalate overstimulated inner state

b) how to connect across differences, for mutual dignity and good (which includes de-escalating interpersonal space and seeing humanity through even obnoxious behaviours so that the other person becomes interested to change)

3. The missing validation, championing and belonging. If you are a naturally more sensitive adult today, very likely your sensitivity would not have been understood as healthy in your childhood.

People would not have known how to support you!

The trait of heightened sensitivity was not discovered till 1990’s and to date it’s still little recognised, understood or appreciated in the general culture.

I work to bridge that gap, especially in the area of relationships so that you can live and relate in the way that works for you.


You may have a naturally more sensitive constitution if you recognise the following four characteristics of HSPs, articulated by Dr Elaine Aron via the acronym DOES:

D = deep processing (of life, information, stimuli and meaning)

O = overstimulation (as a likely experience if the environment is too intense)

E = emotional intensity (deeper and more vivid experience of emotions)

S = sensory sensitivity (more intensely affected by light, sound, touch, smell etc.)


*I said “normal” period of wobbliness with quotation marks around the word “normal” because what’s typical to the other 80% of population is not the same as what’s reflecting the truth about those with naturally more sensitive constitution.

The culture’s momentum is to standardise but life itself comes with a beautiful spectrum of ways of being, growing and contributing to life.

The notion of “normal” is a made up concept about which Margaret Wheatley said this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 23.27.08

Support from Gentle Power:

1. If you’re drawn to my work, you can try out my style of support for free and without any strings attached.

I encourage you to decide who to trust based on how you feel talking to them. If you’re seeing and loving yourself more while with me, we may be a good fit. If not, trust that there is another, more naturally aligned support for you elsewhere.

You’re welcome to take advantage of my Free (phone or Skype) Orientation Session.

It lasts 30 min and will give you a feel for how working with me affects your access to your emotions and inner wisdom.  Whatever happens, you’ll take away my recommendations of resources to assist your needs further.

2. If you feel safe, supported and encouraged after our initial Skype/phone session, we’ll agree how we’ll work together. I’ll send you a contract listing the agreed number of sessions, fees, and my and your commitment to the process.

Clear agreements are important so that you know what you can expect from me and how you need to participate to benefit from the time we have together.

3. We’ll start and complete our journey by checking in with your needs, vision and resources to hold you.

Beginnings and ends are important on the journey and we’ll mark those with special care. After we complete, you’ll take away the newly cultivated skills and doable resources to hold you steady as you go on.