Handmade hedgehogs for someone you love (incl. you)

hh family crochetedIf you’d like to celebrate a human hedgehog, hint to someone that they are one or simply get a hedgehog gift, you can buy these babies in person in Stroud, UK or by contacting me from the contact page.

About the size of a tangerine, these are soft fidgeting toys that you can attach to your keyring, bag or bracelet.

They are not only cute but useful, as fidget toys have been shown to help the mind relax (when you hold or squeeze something in your palm), both in children and adults.

hh label

The baby hedgehogs are £5 each, plus the cost of posting (about £3.50 within UK).

Each baby hog comes with a black string loop, a mini lobster clasp and a small info card, like so —-–>

If you live in Stroud, you can collect in person, naturally free of charge.

There is the display unit holding my hedgehogs in Whiteshill Village Shop and it looks like this:



The colours you can choose from are:

– candy pink

– gray and white

– chocolate brown

– dark blue

– dark,  “hairy hippy” grey 😉

– purple


PS. What do you think of the wicker basket display unit I’ve made for them?
My great-grandfather wove wicker items and furniture and so I have a soft spot for that material.

Grandpa’s whole house smelt of willow twigs and they stood in bunches everywhere. This basket, alas, was just a lucky find in a nearby charity shop.