Grace’s story

“The problem I took to Dorota’s Mini-Retreat for a Big Breakthrough was about my business.

I want to share my work with a greater public, but had been feeling unconfident about myself and my motivations.

I’d been in a constant flux or hyper activity and had long periods of feeling unable to connect to my work and keep things going.

On the day, Dorota helped me to find my “Jewel”, what it is that I do that comes naturally without force, what it is that I bring to the world by fully being myself.

Dorota is very supportive and enthusiastic. It made me feel confident to express some difficult and heartfelt things that are connected to truly being myself and the work I want to share.

I had been feeling that the most important elements of my work are the hardest to express because I feel vulnerable and exposed.

I had a fear of being cut down or judged.

The retreat helped me to find strength in my vulnerability, voice thoughts that had been unsaid and realise that they are very beautiful.

I also found so much beauty, direction and coherence in the things that I do already, so it was a matter of simply carrying on the good things that exist, but now with more consciousness and confidence.

I’m finding ways to support them to flourish.

I find this so different from my usual self-judgements that tell me I need to do things differently to be more like others.

The countryside around Dorota’s is beautiful and gives tranquil space for reflection.

I had an unusual journey to get there but this felt part of the trip. Getting there after a long cycle was very rewarding.

I had left my house without my phone and purse so missed my bus. I ended up getting a train and cycling.

This reminded me of my determination and how much I love what my body is capable of when it needs to be. It felt too important a day to miss and give up on coming.

When I arrived, I had already started my adventure that was to continue with Dorota.

We had lovely chicken soup, tea and relaxed a bit in the light filled kitchen before getting stuck in.

Since the retreat, I had a meeting with a productivity mentor and I was surprised by how clear and confident I was with her. I knew exactly what support I wanted from her and it felt great!

Also, I am writing an application for funding a tour of my show and developing new work.

The Retreat helped me to start writing and be really clear on what motivates me, what experience I want to create. 

In working with others I often get easily talked down, confused and swayed by their desires and opinions.

What I got from the retreat is helping me to return to my own essence and share an inner confidence when working with others, to listen outwards but also to return to myself.

The Mini-Retreat is such a great format and would suit anyone who works for themselves or anyone wanting a bit of a time out and reflection about something that keeps bothering them.”

Grace, Theatre Maker and Teacher, UK