Gentle Resilience Day

Join us for this regular event serving naturally more sensitive people who can get to Bristol for a day and want to grow in connection and resilience.

You can expect a blend of:
– sharing experiences in the atmosphere of empathic listening
– new discoveries and learning
– practicing the skills of compassion, connection and problem solving

Email me here if you’d like to be on the update list for future events.

The next event in this series will be held in Fishponds, instead of central Bristol, on:

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Better Conversations

Are you caring and perceptive but struggle to hold your own in important conversations?

 The number one reason that we don’t get our needs met: we don’t express them. We express judgements.”
Dr Marshall Rosenberg

Do you worry about not being able to navigate conversations sufficiently well and dread needing to talk to somebody when it’s needed?

Maybe you always give in to the other person’s agenda and it’s painful.

Perhaps you can’t get the words out fast enough and the conversation moves on leaving what matters to you in the dust.

Or maybe you get stuck between having intense feelings and wanting to be kind to the other person?

This day will help you connect with what’s going for you in conversations and bring empathy and support to have better experience with them in the future.

We’ll share and invite compassion to our conversation challenges.

We’ll also map out options for influencing conversation in the direction that BOTH people would be happy with.

Some of the things we’re likely to touch on  are:

1. Getting clear about what you need, differentiating that from any judgments that you might first have in the situation.
2. Coming from compassion and interest in connection.
3. Saying what you need in a mutually helpful way (kindly and clearly).

These things are part of vital but missing education that can make a huge difference to your interactions. The good news that these are learnable skills and you don’t need a personality transplant to acquire them!

What type of group is it?  This is a book-one-at-a-time day to champion people who are sensitive and help them experience more connection in their lives. We’ll learn about empathy, making requests, turning around tense moments and repairing connection.

How big is the group? To keep the day gentle and intimate, I now cap this group size at 6 participants at a time.

When? These events are offered most months on a Saturday and the next known dates are:

Sat 24 June 2017, on “Better conversations (with more compassion, clarity and effectiveness)”; £30

Where available, you can attend three of the above days for £75 if booked together ahead of time, see drop down menu on the booking page.

Arrive 10.15 am for 10.30 start and finish at 4.30 pm. Please let me know if you’d like updates about future event dates.

Skill training? Each month focuses on a specific aspect of sensitive relationship skills.

In the specific support session, we’ll support one person to delve more deeply into this enquiry and find new, useful insights about how they experience this aspect of life.

What’s the programme? My group facilitation style is to provide a gentle structure and remain responsive to life as it’s unfolding, both. We’ll explore the theme of the day AND respond to the needs the participants have brought in relation to the topic.

Here’re the main sections of the day:

10.30 Opening and orientation

11.30-11.45 Tea break

11.45-1 pm Creating safety and finding shared reality

1 pm – 2 pm Break for lunch

2 pm – 3 pm Afternoon exploration

3 pm-3.15 pm Tea break

3.15 pm – 4 pm Further exploration

4 pm – 4.30 pm Harvesting and closing

Where? This event is now offered from Fishponds, just by the new Steiner Academy, Bristol BS16 2HW.

The nearest bus stops are:

Cross Hands (buses 17, 47, 48, 49, 49x)

Manor Road (buses 48a)

Straits Parade, bus number 5

Parking? Typically, free parking available in the road or nearby roads. 

How much? This event is designed to be as economical as possible at £30-25, see dates and fees above.

If your resources are tight, you can bring a paying newcomer and attend the day for half price yourself.

Teas/coffees and tea break nibbles are included.

You’re welcome to bring along lunch snack to eat by yourself and/or to offer what you bring as part of shared buffet. You choose. There are also lots of places to eat within minutes from the venue, on foot.

Gentle Resilience Day is a space to be with people in a safe, non-invasive, gentle, learning space. You’ll be supported to notice what matters to you and will have a chance to connect with others as they learn about themselves. 

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer so please email from here.

If you’re ready to join us on the day, please secure your place in our small group here:

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