How overwhelm can HELP you declutter

Do you have a cluttered zone in your house or your workspace that brings up overwhelm when you look at it but you aren’t getting around to sorting it out?

It’s a tricky thing, no doubt about it.

But it isn’t quite the problem it seems…

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Is there a way not to get caught in December frenzy?

a moment of stillness between my sister and a robin, Ireland 2017

This week, I’d watched an entire series of “The Crown” in two days, overeating alongside it, and the sh***y feeling I was trying to escape still didn’t go away.

Last night, it mercifully dissolved thanks to a little help from a friend.

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When you are torn, affected by the pain of someone who’s asked for too much

Yesterday I had a call from a dear friend who needed a little support feeling stuck between two unhappy choices.

A client of hers was feeling desperate and had made a request for something that would require her to bail them out from her own pocket.

And yet, she was unhappy at the thought of just saying “no” and abandoning someone in distress.
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Do you need to declutter but dread being told to throw stuff away?

The good news is that you don’t have to do anything that doesn’t work for you in order to declutter successfully but it’s understandable that people think so.

From years of “teacher knows best” attitudes in school and “boss knows best” cultures at work, people dread similar treatment from a decluttering guide.Read more »