Wondering if you’re strong enough?

Is there an area in your work life which worries you, where you keep asking yourself if you’re really strong enough?

Whether it keeps you up at night, or keeps gnawing at you, it’s a miserable question.

And yet something inside wonders about it, especially when you see yourself repeatedly NOT accessing what you “should be doing”.Read more »

Should you bring your inner life to work?

What do you do with tension between the very stuff of who you are and how you protect your livelihood?

When it comes to working for a living, it seems you must meet the requirements of work however that comes about.Read more »

Can’t make yourself do what you need to do?

It’s scary, isn’t it? Paralysing, crazy-making even, to not be able to do what you think you must do work-wise.

What do you do in those no-go moments when you’re unable to take action towards a deadline or something that needs doing?Read more »

How NOT curing her overwhelm brought Anna more peace and made her better at what she does

In my work championing wellbeing for the naturally more sensitive, I particularly enjoy helping people with challenges that come up to do with work.

Anna (not her real name) is beautifully sensitive which makes her a wonderful performer and teacher.

When she reached out for support, she had got sick during an assignment for a client and couldn’t complete it. When her physical health started recovering, Anna found herself in overwhelm, shocked by as she put it “how mean and out of control her thoughts became”.Read more »

Ever fight like cat and dog? Help for introvert-extrovert tension

GPT25 introverts extrovertsCats and dogs, as everybody knows, don’t get on.

Or at least that’s the assumption many of us grew up with and if you wanted to, you could easily find “evidence” for that on youtube.

You may know exactly how bad fighting like cat and dog can get if you have somebody in your life who keeps doing what you WOULDN’T.Read more »