Five focusing questions

Before you contact me, please take a moment to reflect and write down your answers to the five questions below.

Writing thoughts down is often a way of DEEPENING inner clarity as much as expressing it!

1. How does overwhelm affect your life and relationships?
2. What’s the pull, what do you imagine this program could do for you?
3. What help for inner intensity have you tried before that hasn’t worked enough for you?
4. What have you discovered does help, to whatever degree, to soothe and centre you?
5. Could you dedicate 5-15 min a day for two months to transform your inner experience?

My wish is that your answers will prepare you to get more out of an initial chat with me…
or that they’ll point you to another avenue of support for what your life needs at this time.

I trust you’ll benefit from this self-exploration.

And if you’d like to arrange for a chat with me, please email me your written answers  using the form below.

You can type your answers directly here or copy and paste them in from the document page you were using at first.

I look forward to reading your reflections on these questions.

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