Beautiful letter to “Santa” to ask for a makeover voucher for Christmas (instead of more stuff)

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What if – instead of receiving a lot of well-meant presents that ultimately add to the overwhelming number of objects in your home – you could ask Santas in your life to help you declutter and organise your belongings?

I can overwhelm-proof your home space or an aspect of your daily rhythms, for example:

  • your desk area and documents
  • a particular room in your home
  • how you handle your clothes (washing and drying system, storage, choosing what to wear)
  • child play/storage zones vs. protecting sanity around the needs of the parent/s


If you live in Stroud or Bristol, I can help in person. Otherwise, I also offer emotional and practical support for DIY decluttering, by Skype.


A decluttering gift releases peace and joy well beyond Christmas.


When you prune, organise and tidy the space, everything you do in there gets easier and happier. A makeover is a gift that keeps on giving!

The beautiful, printable letter to Santa below makes it simple to ask for a decluttering voucher and it can help your loved ones too. They won’t have to worry about what to get you for Christmas this year and whether it’s something you want.

A bonus benefit from the decluttering process is that you find fab but no longer needed items which make great, zero-cost, future presents.

    • 1. If you know already that you want a makeover but you need to generate cash to commission it, I have taken the hard work off the process. See this printable letter to Santa




How people felt after their Gentle Power makeover:


screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-22-18-00“Love that you are now officially offering this loving expertise…..loving because I think of you when I open my cupboard, and I love how it looks. I now love folding and handling my clothes when I put them away (I’ve stopped ironing too!). It’s life changing peeps, and Dorota is SO SO good at this.” Vicky P.


screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-22-18-21“You have been in my mind for the past week or so since leaving me with a massively different environment. I send you great gratitude for your work here, supporting me and making my space lovely! I need you to know that I really appreciate the effort you made and recognise the time and love which shows everywhere here – it’s fab!!” Steve H.


“After the one day makeover with Dorota, and some finishing tasks on my own, if I want something, I can just go and get it. I know exactly where things live now. My son has learned where things are too so when he needs something, he knows exactly where to find it. That’s brought a LOT of ease.” Rosie C.


Are you ready to generate similar feelings about your space?


If you are new to Gentle Power and would like to talk to Dorota first, please call me to talk about your needs and how I work so that we can see if I am the right person to support you.

The Free Orientation Call is up to 30 min long and designed to be helpful in itself (no pressure or sales pitch!).

On temporary basis, session schedulling is by email or text. Info for both on:

Contact Page