Caroline’s story

Caroline avatar“I came to Dorota because I was panicking, feeling very overwhelmed at work, by what I had to do, feeling like I was gonna cry any minute.

Now, touch lots of wood, I’m feeling much more solid.

Like lots of people, I don’t do all the things I should do for myself but I do some and I’ve started to embody a different way of being with overwhelm.

I’m more aware when I’m heading in that direction.

‘The Language of Emotions’ book Dorota recommended helped a lot. It highlighted that emotions are there to help us and so I’m learning more about what my feelings are.

I was never really sure what they all meant before. So I’m getting a bit more fluent with knowing my state and it makes life easier.

If you’re a sensitive, open person who is finding life a bit tough and would like no-nonsense support that’s helpful to your soul too, I’d really recommend Dorota.”

Caroline, Lecturer