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Thank you! I look forward to seeing you there.

Now, please record the event details in your diary (or print them out if you prefer).


5 Elfin Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2HW

(a couple of roads off from main Fishponds Road and adjacent to the Steiner Academy


Cross Hands (buses 17, 47, 48, 49, 49x)

Manor Road (buses 48a)

Straits Parade, bus number 5


I provide hot drinks, filtered water and nibbles during shorter breaks.

There is 1 hour break for lunch and you can bring yours and eat:

  • bring your food and eat on premises
  • bring and share (if interested, add your food to the shared table; or just eat alongside us)
  • nip out to a nearby cafe (there are several within 10 min walk)
  • fetch something from the nearby Co-op and eat on premises


There’s a 15-20 min coffee break in the morning, 1 hour for lunch and another short tea break in the afternoon.

You’re welcome to hang out during breaks and if you want some fresh air, Oldbury Court park is just a few minutes from the door (paths, trees and river).


If you want to take notes, please remember to bring pen and paper. You’re also welcome to take photos of the flipchart sheets during the day.


Please feel free to bring along whatever you need to look after your system’s self-regulation. For some people this might be a blanket, warm wrap or socks to regulate temperature.

Others may wish to bring a particular comfort food or drink.

Some people benefit from headphones with calming musing or ear plugs to use during the breaks.

Whatever helps to increase or decrease your stimulation levels as needed.

PS. We’ll be in a shoes-off, carpeted house. Do bring your slippers or warm socks if you want.

If there’s anything else that would help you participate in the event with ease, please let me know in case I can help with that.

See you very soon!