Better Options: a makeover for your work life

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This coaching program offers assistance in the face of overwhelm or frustration emerging around an aspect of your work.

The series is designed to help you de-escalate inner intensity and find the way forward in harmony with who you are.

If your challenge is interpersonal, we’ll also look to factor in the needs of the other person so that your new choices can respect both your and their dignity.

Together, we’ll look for deeper understanding of what matters to you and what there is to lean into in terms of your particular strengths and resources.

You’ll learn (or hone) the practice of pausing to make contact with your innate “GPS” (your instincts and insights), so you can escape the boxed-in feeling of “shoulds”, “ought-to’s” and “can’t-have’s”.

And, you’ll engage with the problem solving skill/s that relate to your challenge. See the “menu” of skills below.


What kind of situations is this program for?

The struggle with overwhelm/frustration instead of gentle effectiveness can show up in many situations that look different on the surface but share the same root dynamic.

Here are some examples of what issues we’ve managed to transform with clients:

  • An archeologist who had to take work leave for severe depression (he got in touch with inner sincerity and deeper peace and “came back from the brink” Read his story)
  • An IT manager who was struggling to relate to his boss’s behaviour (he found a way to be less affected by the behaviour and more able to understand and voice his workplace needs)


Do you have to do eight sessions?

No, I offer remedial, stand-alone sessions too and those are perfect for:

  1. Assisted Resolution to help you identify compassionate action after a single incident
  2. Maintenance Call for an occasional top up of compassion, clarity and championing
  3. Dilemma to Decision to help with clarity and courage about a particular something

The series of sessions is recommended if you want to find resolution for a dynamic that keeps bugging you and frustrating your work repeatedly.

Or, if you want to address a state of your relationship with a client or colleague, whether you need to improve connection, access more effectiveness or clean up after a mistake.

If you’re ready to turn things around, you’ll want to focus on what’s going on over time. Long enough to understand what you’re needing and to learn how to go about accessing that.

A cycle of sessions is about a lasting change and a single session is about a single situation. Neither is about a superficial “fix” or personality transplant 😉

Because my work is more rewarding through longer engagement, I offer a series of sessions at a lower rate per session than stand alone ones.

A series of sessions also supports a more sustainable level of change for the client because you have time to integrate the new insights and skills.


What skills are involved in the process?

Which skills you’ll practice with me depends on what’s relevant to your situation. This program is not a tutorial and not counselling. It’s a tailor-made mix of both: healing and learning.

The menu of skills clients have expanded via Better Options are:

  • how to relate to what’s happening in you from compassion (vs. judging/stuckness)
  • how to know what you need (vs. cycles of thoughts about what you don’t want)
  • how to ask for what you need in a way that also works for the other person
  • how to move through and onwards from overwhelm
  • how to recognise signs of overwhelm earlier so recovery is simpler
  • how to make space inside for new, better insights
  • how to make decisions
  • how to emapthise with your own choices and with “crazy” choices of the other
  • how to deescalate inner intensity without being dependent on external factors
  • how to match your choices to your needs (vs. overwhelm from “shoulds”)
  • how to adjust your lifestyle and environment so you’re not living overstimulated


How much is it and what’s included?

The Better Options journey consists of:

Your support and exploration sessions (8 x 75 minutes)

Audio recording and follow up notes for each session

Email contact between the sessions

Short, options-expanding calls in between sessions if needed

Tailored resources to integrate your discoveries (e.g reading list, video clips, recorded meditation)

The cost for the program is £520 (paid as eight installments of £65) or £500 if paid in total in advance. One-off sessions are £75. Concession sessions are £45 (I can support one concession client at a time and typically there is a waiting list for this option).


What past participants have said:

“Bepurple heartfore the program, I’d just get tense about something and then tell myself that there’s something wrong with me instead of recognising that actually something is just a bit too much for me.”

purple heart 2 colour“I know from our discovery that writing is part of how I deal with overstimulation. I now have a sense of inner permission to give myself that, to go for that which helps me and cares for me when in intensity. I’m not judging it as being zany anymore.”

Heart“I really really valued your skill at reflecting back and teasing out what’s going on, asking questions to help me figure things out. Your insights and empathy helped me in some places where I beat myself up. Thank you!”

”Just a person’s frustrated tone of voice would be enough to get me so affected that I didn’t see what I could possibly say to them that would work. Now, I don’t get that lost inside anymore. I’m getting better and better at getting centred, right in the moment. The symbol I chose helps me steady very rapidly and I have a plan B to lean into if I need more support.”

purple heart 5“When I look at the original triggers now, they seem like history which means that there’s been a massive impact, an underlying, quiet, sea change.”


What to do next?

If this program sounds like a possible way forward for you, please get in touch to ask any questions I haven’t answered here and to talk about your next steps.

On temporary basis, session schedulling is by email or text. Info for both on:

Contact Page


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