Beatrice’s story

“I knew Dorota through the breathwork community and have been touched by her way of communicating which I now know is connected with Nonviolent Communication.

I wanted to be able to communicate better too and so when my (professional development) supervisor was leaving, Dorota was an obvious choice.

I knew I’d be received with empathy and sensitivity.

As it turned out, there was another reason why I was drawn to her sensitivity: because it spoke to mine. Dorota has helped me to value this aspect of myself.

We’ve been working together for well over a year now and I really appreciate knowing that whatever happens in my work life, she’ll be WITH me: holding me, listening to me, reflecting back what she heard from me and asking questions.

She helps me care for myself on an even deeper level, especially seeing the value of my sensitivity rather than judging it as a problem or a heavy weight in me.

As a result, I feel seen, loved and supported as a human being.

No matter what I go through, a bit of panic or “wrongness”, she hears it with an open heart and a wide angle mind, compassionately and without judgement.

I leave our meetings fully nurtured, recentred and it provides me with a wide, generous space to contain other people (my clients).

Over the year I’ve been working with Dorota, my confidence has grown when it comes to addressing my specific needs and communicating with clients and friends.

It’s now rare that I need to ask Dorota for attention between session (which is part of her package).

This is because I’ve learned to pay attention to myself when stuff comes up.

I can check how I’m addressing the situation. Am I truly giving people choice? I know that in the past, I sometimes thought I was when I wasn’t.

I really saw it from Dorota’s feedback to some of my written communication. I learned a lot from that.

For me, it affects all areas of my life that no matter what’s going on, Dorota will be there. Non-judging, supportive, helping me to get to peace and communicate in a way that serves both parties.

The other day, when I had a difficult lesson with my dance teacher, Dorota guided me to recognise what was going on for me while I was feeling very vulnerable.

I saw that I don’t have to cut off connection in order to cope.  I was able to recentre myself. It allowed me to continue enjoying my lessons.

I also clarified my client-practitioner agreement and now feel well held by that too.

I got to create something that’s really specific to my way of working and my needs. It brings clarity and guidance to my relationships with clients.

Dorota has a very wide range of nurturing and sensitive words when she talks to you and when she mirrors what she’s getting from you.

Often, her turn of phrase has the effect of connecting you more with yourself. It gives me stillness and peace instantly.

If you’re sensitive and want support which is kind, compassionate and will help you find peace from overwhelm, I really recommend Dorota.

Especially if you’re a bit more mature and like to enquire into yourself and communicate with others with authenticity and depth of understanding.”

Beatrice Garoche, Breathwork Consultant, London