About the hedgehogs

Little hedgehog profileWhy are you seeing hedgehogs everywhere on this website?

I just love these creatures and see them as a great symbol of natural human sensitivity of which I am an advocate.

Hedgehogs, like sensitive people are lovable, vulnerable and strong.

About one in five people are highly sensitive which means being more deeply affected by the stimuli from the environment, from what we expose ourselves to.

Being naturally sensitive is normal and healthy but it can be overwhelming in the fast, loud modern culture.

In that we are quite a lot like hedgehogs. You know: cute but prickly and easily startled. People don’t know how to be with us and we worry about not coming across well to them.

Which can cause us to be even more uncertain and vulnerable.

We are not like the majority of people who seem to handle pressure and demands of life more easily.

There are few role models still of being sensitive and successful in this world and here the hedgehog can help too.

Did you know that these seemingly fragile beings are immune to snake bite?

Something in the hedgehog system can take in and transmute poison. 

Our general culture tends to idealise some aspects of life and belittle others. To some, nice is “in” and prickles are a no-no.

Well, I say, don’t surrender your prickles too quickly.

For hedgehogs, prickles are an integral, unique way to express their existence and to protect their safety and space.

If you are a hedgehog, it won’t serve anyone if you judge yourself and try to live like a kitten that you aren’t.

Animal pups are cute but grown up, autonomous beings all have a way to protect their innermost vulnerability and you’d do well to treasure, not judge, yours.

The animal medicine of hedgehog (symbology ascribed to it by aboriginal cultures) reflects a more sensitive way of being too, standing as it does for:








Not bad a selection, huh?

Do you resonate with these qualities deep down? You know, deep inside, under the layer of invalidations we pick up along the way?

It’s not easy being sensitive in today’s world.

It can be intense, raw, confusing. Yet, the more you align with a way of living that works for you, the more you can enjoy the gift side of your constitution too.

Here’s to your learning and thriving… and spikes. For they have their part in the process 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy my cartoons too. We can have a bit of lightness amidst all the intensity as well, don’t you think?

PS. Click on the cartoon, to see it snowing gently   ———————–>