A letter from Helen

Dear Dorota,

I want to express my gratitude for your support today and throughout this year so far.

I am so happy to know that you are there when I need you, with all your understanding of living as a sensitive person and all your wisdom and knowledge to share.

I am left today after our short quest with much hope for finding my way and my place to thrive in this world, not only in work but in other areas of my life as well.

I feel assured by the confirmation of the strengths test and by our exploration today, that I will be on track by satisfying my needs to both help others and to create.

I am now much more at ease with not having to have a specific, concrete, long term strategy/plan for work and am happy to develop my inner practice, get clearer about my needs and welcome in divine support. All at a pace that feels in tune with my needs for gentleness and integration.

I feel like we’ve come a very long way in a short time!

I am deeply grateful for the time you have spent with and for me and for all the energy and care you have put into helping me.

You’ve helped me to see just how important it is to respect my sensitivity.

With my over-strategising recently too, I really want to allow myself to go as slowly as needed, and that I’m sure is going to be much easier now I have connection with the something larger than me.

Thank you for bringing that to me and helping me have patience with my loneliness too by seeing it as important and informative experience.

Since we were last in touch, I’ve been busy formulating my plan (including plenty of inner practice) and things are just beginning to take shape.

I decided to apply to university to do creative writing, got offers from the two I applied to and have just yesterday made my decision which one to go to.

It will apparently be a small group and well held and the course itself sounds very interesting and exciting!

My flat went up for sale this week and someone is coming for a second viewing next week so fingers crossed it will sell quickly.

Exciting times ahead I feel.

Helen, Art Student, UK