You don’t have to keep getting overwhelmed even if you’re naturally quite sensitive


Is it possible to feel safe and supported navigating this crazy busy world inside thin skin?


Some people register things deeply. They cannot help but be affected by the quality of energy present in their interactions and in the environment they are in.

The upside is that you are more awake to what’s going on around you but it can be tough to be sensitive in the current times.

How do you live amidst so much pain and difficulty in the world when the prevailing social pressure is to get busier and faster, not wiser?

How do you cope surrounded by more and more ways to dissipate awareness instead of truly seeing, feeling and resting?

Overstimulation is a nearly impossible state to function in and a very easy state to get into if you are sensitive. Then, then seemingly normal things get overwhelming and the most awake and caring people judge themselves as… broken.

I want to say: please take heart! Overwhelm is healthy feedback. Judgment as a response to difficulty may be common habit but it just doesn’t work.

Whether you’re getting flooded as you interact or as you look at the physical space you’re in, your inner intensity is NOT a sign of trouble.

Overwhelm is an internal message about what you need and I’m here to support you to understand and use that message well.

If you’re an adult with a highly responsive system (a normal trait for one in five people), you grew up in a world that didn’t know it was healthy to feel and think extra deeply.

People wouldn’t have known how to understand you or how to support you to engage in life and solve problems in a way that works for you.

Now, in the face of tension, you get zapped by overwhelm very easily and it may be hard to even believe you could find a solution that doesn’t cost you your authenticity or peace.

And, it’s never too late to catch up with the missing support and life skills.

This world may be troubled but it’s also – even if slowly – waking up to the beauty of human diversity, including heightened sensitivity.

We are  discovering more and more ways to co-exist with respect for everybody’s needs.

Deeper sensitivity and awareness are hugely valuable contributions to the society.

Your gentleness deserves your and my championing.

Not only does sensitivity contribute to a more caring world, it also brings beautiful personal guidance:

As old as I am, all these moments of new reality,
of a new experiencing, make everything so alive and full.
I feel how it affects me when I’m only in my head, with my thoughts,
and when I really feel in my tissues, in my nerves, in my bones.
When I am really sensitive from moment to moment
I live a completely different life.

– Charlotte Selver

Gentle Power is dedicated to championing sensitive living and interacting in the world so please get in touch if I may help you with that in any way.

Also, if this introduction rings true for you or someone dear to you, there is a growing amount of resources on this website. A good place to start is the page with typical challenges sensitive people face and transform.

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